Fillmore Utah Splash Pad

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Fillmore Utah Splash PadThe Fillmore Utah Splash Pad is finished.  Our crews work tirelessly to ensure that our projects get finished, even when it takes them into the night. Fillmore City in Utah is a small community with a big impact to the State of Utah.  We have been delighted to work with them and we just know that this will add to their appeal of a local yet, fun and enticing vacation spot.  Not only do they have a new Fillmore Utah Splash Pad, but there are all sorts of adventures to take; from horseback riding, ATV trails, UTV trails, swimming pools, state parks, museums and more.

Fillmore Utah Splash PadIf you live here in the State of Utah and are looking for a fun place to stay while having something fun for the kids to do,  Fillmore City is a great option.  The food and restaurants are amazing and the people are better than the food they serve.  A community where everyone knows each other and is willing to offer a hand when needed.

SplashPadsUSA takes pride in the work that we do and how we do it.  When our customers come to us, we help educate them along the way so when it comes to relay the news with others involved, Fillmore Utah Splash Padeveryone is on the same page.  Our vision is simple; to create an experience that will help build communities while offering a product that everyone will enjoy.  Our process is what will help each of our customers fill comfortable when moving through the process of building a splash pad.  We are more than happy to help educate our customers while letting them stay in control of the project at hand.  With our help and your vision, we will help your splash pad idea come to life.  Take some time to look around our website and see what we can offer.  Give us a call or submit your information through our website and we will assist you as soon as possible!