Splash Pad Color ChartWe have a specialized splash pad color chart that will help you decide on what color(s) to add to your splash pad for that extra zeal of life.  some of our customers like the bold look of all one color.  Fire engine red.  Purple Power.  Green Machine.  You can go with the power colors or mix and match as you please.  Due to the number of colors we carry on our splash pad color chart, you can literally mix and match up to hundreds of different colors.

We have a full line of different colors and water play features for you to take a look at.  Because of the amount of different types of features, we can’t list them all.  What we would like to do is sit down with you and go over the details of what you have in mind and what we can do for you. There are hundreds of different looks that you can come up with from Pinterest pins and we can help all of those ideas come to life.  We won’t limit your imagination by saying it can’t be done, we will find a way for it to be accomplished.

The splash pad color chart below will show you the twenty different colors we can provide but keep in mind we can do this for all of our different features including dumping buckets, arches, cannons and many more toys.  Let us bring out that inner kid in you and let you go hog wild on picking features, colors and if you are feeling up to it, add a little LED splash pad look to it.  The idea of adding light to a splash pad is so new, that you will be the first to have it before everyone else does.  It’s a great feature to add and what not a better way than to not let the fun end in the sun!