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A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water which eliminates the need for any lifeguards or other supervision.  Splash pads have been around in the commercial industry for decades. The technology includes ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the splash pad’s deck.  Above ground add-ons for fun include features such as a rainbow (semi-circular pipe shower), a mushroom shower, or a tree shower.  Some splash pads feature even movable nozzles (also known as cannons) similar to those found on fire trucks which allow users to spray others.  The showers and ground nozzles are often controlled by a hand activated-motion sensors which run for a limited time.  Typically the water is either freshwater or recycled treated water that is typically treated to at least the same level of quality as swimming pool standards.

What is SplashPadsUSA?

SplashPadsUSA is your one stop shop for all your splash pad feature needs and has the products and resources to make your spray park project a reality.  Splash pads are a safe, affordable, and exciting enhancement to your backyard.  We set the industry standard in residential splash pads with our quick installation of splash pads. Leave any possible concerns about quality, design, functionality and longevity behind.  Want more than what our featured standard splash pads offer?  No problem!  We can work with you on a specific design and customization to fit your needs and tastes.

We have worked on hundreds of splash pads so we know the ropes.  Often times, commercial splash pads require extra work as far as permits and working with cities on health standards and regulations.  We can help you through this process as it may seem cumbersome to do so, not with us, we will do the leg work to help your project become a success.  Splash pad builders like us will give you the best products, made in the USA for the lowest prices possible.

Take some time to look around our website and let us show you what we are capable of.  From residential to commercial, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or been through, that will make your splash pad, just that much better.