Splash pad manufacturing is one of our greatest strengths.  We take our businesssplash pad paint booth 3 serious and manufacture every product we sell, here in the USA. Many companies opt in for the cheaper products and we just don’t agree with the idea that your investment may fall apart, crack or break after months or years of use.  The opportunity to have a sound investment is not only the best option, it’s the smart option.  Every so often, we get calls from people who need a splash pad rebuilt, which reaffirms to us that stainless steel products are still the highest grade.

We want to share with you just one part of our business.  As you can see in the picture to the right, this is what we call our paint booth.  These are some of the current water play features that have been fully prepped and painted.  Some of the items you can see in our paint booth are: Palm trees, dumping buckets, flower showers and our popular fire hydrants.  We even have a mini fire hydrant, which is becoming just as popular as our mainstream fire hydrants.  The various colors that these items can come in are endless.

Many companies that deal in splash pad manufacturing or DIY splash kits, will sell you on the idea that PVC is just as durable.  We disagree and we would like to show you the difference.  PVC splash pad products typically start with a small crack.  Once a product cracks, it weakens the structure and eventually it will give in the elements.

We guarantee all of our products, water play features, splash pad manufacturing and installations with a 100% guarantee. We also use gel coating so your splash pad products won’t scratch!  Our fiberglass tops are also the thickest in the industry to date, to ensure stability and durability. With over 30+ years of industry manufacturing experience, we stand by our work.  We would love to to work with you on your next water park, sprayground, splash pad or spray park.  Whatever you would like to call it, we can build it.  Contact us today!