Here are some fun and useful FAQs about Residential Splash Pads:FAQs

What is a splash pad?

A splash pad is a rather new and unique form of water play which involves a play pad with shooting water sprays coming up from it in different designs and at timed intervals. It has quickly become one of the most popular forms of water play with kids and grandparents across the country.

Where can you put a splash pad?
A splash pad can go virtually anywhere. They are actually much easier to place in a yard than a pool. We install in backyards, next to or even under driveways, next to patios, in playground areas, over filled-in pools, in campgrounds, and in recreational parks. Virtually anywhere you can dream for one, it can be done.

What if I have a sprinkler system already in place?
If you have a pre-existing sprinkler system, we can easily move the sprinkler system and reconstruct it free of charge.

What if I have a septic tank?
A splash pad can not be placed anywhere near or around its leech field.

Who can afford a splash pad?
Believe it or not, a splash pad is probably within your reach. We offer splash pad options at affordable entry level. Of course, residential splash pads can increase significantly, depending upon options, such as special lighted nozzles for night time and stainless steel above ground features.

How many kids can play at one time on a splash pad?
This depends upon the size of the pad. Generally, we say that one of our standard 20 x 20 ft splash pads will accommodate approximately 6-12 kids at one time.

Do the kids slip on a splash pad?
If you were to seal the cement surface with a clear coat only, then kids can certainly slip.  However, we have created a special non-slip modified acrylic formula for all of our splash pads with the basic surface coating which comes included with all of our splash pads. We offer a variety of options for surface coating upgrades. Please see our surface coating options at here.

Are splash pads safe?
Splash pads are very safe. You may have noticed that many of the municipalities are switching to splash pads for just this reason. You no longer have to worry about kids drowning or falling in a pool.  There is no standing water.  The good news is that your insurance policy won’t go up with a splash pad like a pool! We hope these FAQs were helpful.