Foot SensorA foot sensor is all part of the fun.  The foot sensor that we use is foot activated so kids or teens can just run over and step on the sensor to reactivate the splash pad that they are playing on.  We fully understand that a splash pad should always be active so we wanted to incorporate this very thing into how kids will interactive with it.  Most of the time, kids are all waiting for the splash pad timer to end.  Why? To start the race to the foot sensor.  Every kid loves to stomp on something and this will give them that chance.

This is just one of the many ways that splash pads can be restarted but we highly recommend this foot sensor because of the ease of use and ease of having to explain to other kids how to use it.  Once a kit sees how another kid activates it, every kid will be waiting their turn for it.  These are pretty standard for both residential splash pads and commercial splash pads.  One thing to remember when choosing to go with a foot sensor or not is what easy do you want your splash pad to function.  A lot of commercial splash pads buyers love this because it’s a zero maintenance selling point.  Plus, they don’t have to have someone near starting and stopping the splash pad every time someone is there or isn’t there.  The is the best option because it’s fun, active and exciting.

Don’t forget to ask about our foot sensors, they are awesome!