SplashPadsUSA has a number of positions that are open.  We are looking to fill these as soon as possible.  Below are the details of each of the careers.  If you are interested, please call 855-433-7237 or use our contact form and let us know that you are interested in one of these positions.  We will schedule interviews as needed so please don’t hesitate to call.

Laborer / Installation Crew Member

Job Description
Installation crew member for splash pads within Utah AND Nationwide. You will be a part of an experienced installation crew working to install splash pads from start to finish.. You will be traveling with the crew to perform jobs out of state. All travel expenses are paid.

Must have valid DL and be able to drive company trucks as needed. Must be able to take instruction and learn relatively fast and work within a team environment. As an Installation crew member, you will be an important part of getting the crew’s goals accomplished for each project. You will be involved in shooting grade, digging, forming, laying pipe, following design plans with direction from the crew chiefs, etc…. Must be self-motivated and able to spend long hours on jobs if necessary. (you can make good overtime on many jobs!) Must be willing to travel.


  • Must have some basic knowledge in landscape/outdoor work skills – sprinkler experience is a plus.
  • Must get along with other workers and work within a team environment.
  • Must be willing to work long hours.
  • Must be sober, reliable, clean cut, neat and professional – no drug addictions.
  • Must be self-motivated to learn new skills.
  • Must be honest and keep accurate records of work performed.
  • MUST BE WILLING TO TRAVEL  (5-10 days at a time.)

Additional Information
Need laborers for installation of splash pads throughout the United States.. Great career opportunity for someone looking to learn a skilled trade – we will train you on the installation of splash pads! Basic landscape knowledge and skills in sprinkler installation are a plus for the beginner.

Pool Technician / Splash Pad Specialist

Job Description
Looking for an experience Pool Technician with experience in plumbing. Pool technicians must have experience in pool equipment. We are looking for a dedicated worker that will  be a great fit and that is looking for a great opportunity for growth. We will do onsite training for the right person if necessary. Must be a quick learner and efficient on the job.


  • Work hard. Show clean work.
  • Keep accurate records with company logs.
  • Keep neat appearance.
  • Keep company trucks and tools clean.
  • Punctual and prompt on all jobs.
  • Must keep accurate safety records.


  • Must have at least 4 years of experience.
  • Willing and able to pass a drug test at anytime.
  • Must be a fast learner and ready to be trained and to travel.
  • MUST BE WILLING TO TRAVEl 5-10 days at a time.