Water Playground Equipment

Splash Pads USA water-playground-equipmentmanufactures all of our water playground equipment out of stainless steel only. All of our poles and water playground equipment are powder coated to withstand all extreme weather conditions. Don’t be fooled by those other companies offering PVC materials. Splash Pads USA manufactures all the water playground equipment in the USA to meet all state and federal health code requirements.

We have a wide variety of features with ranging from the classic fire hydrant to the popular water mushrooms. Some of our other popular water playground features include flower showers, dumping buckets and water umbrellas. We also have rainy palm trees, cactus coolers and a few varieties of spray sticks. Of course, let’s not forget the great fun brought by our water loops and arches. Each piece of water playground equipment can of course be painted with your choice of color.

With all these features, our quality will never falter. Our stainless steel water playground equipment can withstand even some of the most vigorous play and continue to entertain for years to come.  We do splash pads all around the nation so if the blazing heat or the unbearable cold are a concern to you, don’t worry, we have thought about that.  We are here to take care of our customers and their investments.  No body wants to spend a large amount of money, only to find out 2-3 years later that it’s gone down hill and another couple grand will need to be saved up before another splash pad can be put in place.  Splash Pads USA stands by their commitment to their customers because when you are happy, we are happy.