Interested in having a kid friendly safe backyard water park?

Residential Splash Pads

Picture this… While you have people over for a summer patio party, everyone can enjoy staying cool without a pool on a RESIDENTIAL SPLASH PAD from SplashPadsUSA. Having a comfortable soft safety surface and custom water features is the easiest way to enjoy your summer without the upkeep of a pool. Residential Splash Pads have become the most popular addition to new home building in the past few years because of the overall ease, safety and cost.

We have designed Residential Splash Pads across America that is why we are SplashPadsUSA. Whether it is a custom design you have dreamed up or something you would like us to create with our expert splash pad designers, We can accommodate any yard for a residential splash pad. We also sale Splash Pad Kits if you are interested in installing your splash pad yourself.

Contact SplashPadsUSA at 855-433-7237 for more information on RESIDENTIAL SPLASH PADS  for your enjoyment.

We are happy to showcase what we are capable of because we want you to see what you would get prior to buying.  One of the best parts about working with SplashPadsUSA is that we have an extensive background not only in backyward water parks but over 20+ years in landscaping and design.  Our skills allow us to transform any backyard, into a fun filled atmosphere for the whole family. Water pads or splash pads, we’ll do them all!

“Since I didn’t want a pool in our yard, we decided a splash pad would be safer and easier to maintain. And we’re sure the grand kids will love it! The splash pad is in the circular cement area. The outer ring has the splash nozzles, and the inner cement area has a couple more nozzles and a drain. We love it!”