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There are many ways to add excitement and fun to every splash pad! Splash Pads USA offer a large variety of features, but does not limit it to just that! Almost anything your imagination can come up with, we can create for you. Animal shapes, slides, fountains etc…

It’s fun to watch someone waiting in anticipation with a huge smile on their face, waiting for a bucket to fill up & flip over, having water come rushing over their heads, and waiting for the next one! Our buckets come with the option of having 2, 3 or 4 buckets all on one post.

Our mushrooms & umbrellas on the other hand, allow you to choose when you want to get wet, if not being doused by a nearby water cannon. We offer several different heights and widths so everyone can enjoy them. The fire hydrant- one of our most popular and requested features has 4 nozzles on it to quickly cool you off. Children love to run around in circles being sprayed by the whole thing.

Just to name a few more features- We have the cactus blaster, rain stick, shower sprayer, flower sprayer, water arches and many more.

What better way than a splash pad to bring people together. There are children with learning disorders and shyness issues that once out playing leave it all behind, even if for just a short period.

All of these features create an interactive playground for children (and adults) of all ages.