One of the great parts about working with a company that is a splash pad manufacture is being able to purchase such items like a CONTROL BOX so you don’t have to pay outrageous pricing. We firmly believe that customer service is what will keep a customer happy and prices low.  Our custom control box gives you the ability to customize the way your splash pad operates.  There are a few different ways that you can set up your control box to accommodate your needs and provide the best experience possible.

Dealing with companies who are the middle man can create inflation so we want to bring the source to you directly. There are four different types of settings that can be used with our splash pads and just like we mentioned before, they aren’t preset.  You can choose to have them dance, or all be on, with lights, without lights, timed, on, off.  You pick.  Just like you have the ability to design your own splash pad, you can program your own control box.

Just as we strive to use only the highest grade materials for our splash pads, we also try to do the same with all the products that we manufacture.  All of these items that are for the brains of the operation are placed inside of the custom enclosure boxes that we build so not only is it safe and sound during play time, but it will also protect your investment for a really long time.

Don’t feel obligated to buy from a company who is going to be the middle man, let us help you save money, while purchasing top notch products from Splash Pads USA. Don’t just buy our control box, take a look at our water play features and lighted splash pads, you will fall in love instantly.