Waterloop-Double-1000xWATER LOOPS are amazingly awesome and we love to build them in series of twos, threes, fours or even fives. Our Water Loops are of the highest grade quality and will last you a very long time. We don’t use any PVC piping because it lacks the durability and dependability for your structures and investment. Our custom design team will bring your ideas together and help them become real life. We love the incorporation of Water Loops because it leaves any kids imagination to interpretation. It could be a worm hole, a tunnel or even a portal too another play-land.

The diversified uses these provide will keep the kid’s minds creative, sharp and keen. The assortment of colors can range from blue to green to purple to yellow, pretty much anything you can think of. There are some splash pads that people have purchased from us that are color theme. You can create themes from Jamaican colors of green, yellow and black to full American colors of red, white and blue. You undoubtedly will like these features.  Don’t compromise on your investment; add something exciting like these for hours of entertainment.

Give us a chance to show you what we can do with our other water play features that you will fall in love with, not just the Water Loops.  We offer a wide range of fun and exciting options so don’t delay and check out our other additions for your next splash pad.  If you have a hard time picking other water play features, we would definitely recommend the fire hydrant, a few water cannons, our fabulous dumping buckets. Realistically, any feature you add to your spray park or splash pad will entertain just about anyone for hours on end. Give us a call or contact us through our contact page. We promise the highest quality at the lowest price.

Materials: Stainless Steel
Paint: High Gloss & UV Treated
PSI: Minimum 10 psi
Water Usage: 7-15 gpm
Spec Sheet (Download)