DIY-PalmTree-1000xPALM TREES for splash pads are the way to go.  If you live on the main land aka the other 48 states, it’s not too often that we get to enjoy the look and feel of what palm trees can do for us.  So, we are bringing these awesome Palm Trees to a business, park or home near you.  The Palm Trees can be made to match your needs and desires.  We can make these really short or really tall, and overall, a great fit for your next project.  Don’t waste your time and money on a real tree because it may die, and then you’ll have to buy a new one.  However, just buy one of ours along with our splash pad and you will constantly have a great palm tree that you can look at and play under forever.  The water play features that you can put on any splash pad will make it look amazing!

We take much pride in offering water play features that will last you a lifetime.  We don’t just build products, we build memories.  It’s not too often that you hear kids or even adults talk about how much fun a swimming pool is, but they do talk about how much fun a spray park / splash pad is because of the worry that is removed from their day.  Kids can fall into pools and can constantly make parents worry.  Splash pads only have a small amount of standing water which alleviates any worry.  Running through water features and Palm Trees will keep the kids busy for hours.

Don’t compromise on your investment when considering a splash pad.  We brand ourselves with the best quality of products to protect your investment and your happiness.  Let us show you what we can do for you.  Give us a call or contact us today.

Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum.
Paint: High Gloss & UV Treated.
PSI: Minimum 10 psi.
Water Usage: 7-12 gpm
Spec Sheet (Download)

Also Available, Bubblegum Tree