In Your Pump Room
Turn Off The Fresh Water Supplies To Splash Pad.
NEVER Keep The Water Level In The Tank Below Half.
Find The ¼” Plug Under The Feature Pump & Attach A ¼” Quick Disconnect.

On Your Splash Pad
Remove All The In-Ground Spray Nozzles.
If Applicable, Remove All The Above Ground Features & Prep For Winter Storage.
Manually Open All The Solenoid Valves.
Open One Solenoid On The Wall Mount or Landscape Box And Blow Out Line With An Air Compressor With Up To 40 psi.
Repeat For All Lines And Make Sure To Go Back To Each Valve At Least Twice To Sure That All Lines Are Clear.
Keep The Valves Open.
Remove The Clear Check Valve Lids And O-Rings At The Suction Lines By Removing The Screws Securing Them From Falling Into The Tank.
Allow Suction Lines To THe Water Tank To Drain Out Water.
Install The Blank Winter Nozzles.
Always Check With All Manufacturer’s Specifications.