Our splash pads have the most dependable splash pad parts in the industry. Splash PadsAll of our splash pad components are Made In The USA. Shown below are our standard splash pads which range in size from 6 nozzles to 16 nozzles and are available for poolside installs or stand alone pads. Safety surfacing must be installed by a certified installer. SplashPads USA is a certified installer of a variety of safety surfaces and can help you finish your splash pad in style.

Consider Residential SplashPpads Vs Swimming Pools

Situation Splash Pads Pools
Purchase Price $20,000-$40,000 $30,000-$80,000
Electrical Cost Monthly $5-$35 $50-$150
Service Cost Monthly $0 $50-$200
Chemical Cost Monthly $5-$25 $25-$50
Permit Depends $100-$400

Benefits Of Splash Pads

  • 1. Can be used as a deck when not turned on
  • 2. Project construction is completed fast
  • 3. Very Eco Friendly because water is recycled
  • 4. Boosts Home Equity and overall value

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Types Of Splash Pad Nozzle Designs

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