Commercial Splash Pad DesignsSplashpadsUSA offers the very, very best material used in water playground equipment.  All of our product line is made of stainless steel.  Don’t be fooled by PVC product lines sold around the country.  These will break and, in some parts of the country, actually melt and bend under extreme summer heat!  Our above ground water play features are built to withstand the most rigorous of play and weather conditions – which is what you want when you make this type of investment.  Stainless steel will not rust, warp, or weather in the most extreme of weather conditions.  All of our products are manufactured right here in the USA.  We believe in supporting our nation and its workforce with a true Made in the USA label. SplashpadsUSA vs. Our Competitors

  • Large in stock standard product line with standard colors
  • Quick turnaround on orders
  • Custom Color orders have turnaround of 7-10 days
  • We beat all other pricing!


Talk about AMAZING!  There is nothing better than standing beneath these dumping bucket and just waiting to be dumped on you! This sweet and cool feature is adored by many and played with, by even more.  We are always watching that bucket fill because the eagerness gets us every single time!


Fire Hydrants are thee BEST! And we sell a lot of them. All additions to various splash pads would be awesome, but nothing will ever be as incredible as our regular or mini fire hydrants.  These are one of the top sellers accessories for our splash pads and we recommend to every customer.  We just love them to death and we guarantee you will love it also because they are an ideal item to add to any commercial splash pad.  Look at the other splash pad features that we can combine and compliment these incredible fire hydrants


Flower Showers are also a really enjoyable water feature.  Many people love the idea of showering from a flower. We all know how much fun these sprayground water features are. This very type of water play feature is one of the best ways to have fun and bask under the sun.


Mushrooms are a whimsical water play feature to enhance to some splash pads built by SplashPadsUSA. We always use the highest quality of provisions that endure most, if not all weather conditions.  Our stainless steel goods are made here in the USA, and will always be top of the line equipment.  We think these mushrooms are way cool and we know that you will like them too!


Palm Trees are incredibly fun to play under.  It’s not just a palm tree, but it’s a tree that gushes water out of the top of it. You will never go wrong with this type of water play feature from us.  Bring a little different type of sunshine to your spray ground.


It’s Raining! It’s Pouring! SplashPadsUSA isn’t boring! Our Rain Showers are even more exciting than the next type of water feature. These drenching walls of water will make any person sopping wet.  This, like many others, will invigorate excitement and will get anyone excited about coming to a splash pad.


Our water cannons are an excellent feature to add to every commercial or non-commercial splash pad built by us. These are way fun and kids love to play on them for hours.  Not too often, they


Our water loops will keep any kid busy for a long time.  Eye candy is what we call these because they really just bring and type of splash pad to life. More often than not, you won’t be able to find a splash pad without one of these. Without a doubt, these can be just as popular as our fire hydrants. The great thing about these is your can put them in a row. As many as you’d like.


Check out our water towers! The water feature is large and in charge.  The is what we call an attention-getter.  Most people will stare at it until it unleashes its furry.  This is always a favorite among guests and owners a like.