Talk about awesome!  What is better than standing under a dumping bucket that is just waiting to be dumped on you? NOTHING!  This cool and refreshing residential water feature is loved by many.  We love to watch that bucket fill just as much as you do because the anticipation gets you every time!

Fire Hydrants are thee BEST!.  Any addition to any splash pad will be awesome, but nothing will be as awesome as these fire hydrants.  These are one of the top sellers for our splash pads and we highly recommend to everyone.  We love them and you will love them too because they are a fantastic item to add to any commercial splash pad.  Check out the other splash pad water features that will compliment these incredible fire hydrants!

Flower Showers are pretty neat. Who wouldn’t want to shower from a flower? We all know how much fun these splash. This type of water play feature is a great way to have fun and bask in the sun.

Mushrooms are a fantastic water play feature to add to any splash pad built by SplashPadsUSA. We only use the highest grade of materials that withstand all weather conditions.  Our stainless steel products are made here in the USA,and  are top of the line.  We love these mushrooms and know that you will too!

Palm Trees are so much fun.  Not only do you get a palm tree but you get water streaming out from the palm tree so its like a two-for-one deal!  You can’t go wrong with this water play feature.

Let it Rain! Rain Showers are just as exciting as the next. These walls of water will drench anyone who walks under them. This also is a fantastic water play feature that will get anyone excited about going to a splash pad.

These water cannons are an awesome feature to add to any home or diy splash pad. They are fun and kids love them. Vary rarely are they ever left alone, which means they are an excellent choice for any splash pad.

These water loops keeps kids busy for hours. We love seeing these on your splash pad because they really just bring them to life. Most of the time, you won’t find a splash pad without one of these. They are just as popular as the fire hydrants. Put as many as you’d like in a row.

Don’t forget about our water towers. We have so many water play features that we can’t list them all, but if you ask us about them, we will tell you about everything we have!