Currently living in Alaska and need a kid friendly, protected backyard spray park?

Alaska Splash Pads

ALASKA SPLASH PADS are the ideal investment from SplashPadsUSA due to the fact that we can design both domestic and business applications. For anyone who is committed to identifying a way to stay cool from the very hot Alaska summer time temperature, this is a lot better than a swimming pool and cost a lot less to care for. They are in fact a fantastic and easy way to keep cool. A recreational splash pad from our corporation is an efficient option to add a secure environment, child friendly play area to any brand new home or existing day care landscaping. If you have a model in mind or prefer help from our skilled splash pad artists, we can help you. The cost of a pool in Alaska can get extravagant and monotonous with the expense of chemicals, preservation and safekeeping. Why don’t we install a fresh splash pad at your residence to give your landscaping design a fresh and new impressive look. If you are curious about a DIY or do it yourself splash pad kits, we may be able to arrange something to meet your needs.

To install a splash pad is a simple and relatively simple operation as opposed to pools and perhaps ponds. We have installed Alaska splash pads all around the place and we possibly may have even manufactured two or three in a small number of surrounding municipalities as well. We have an experienced staff to help you with the designs, layout and placement to make sure that it will suit your design as you need it to. We promise a lifetime warranty of every single one of our products and you will have a complete splash pad which might be good to entertain friends and family. Have your next barbecue celebration with your trusty new splash pad; it will establish memories to last for a lifetime.

We have tailored both small commercial and commercially produced splash pads for individuals and agencies in Alaska and in other municipalities across The USA. We don’t merely constrain ourselves to a native demographic because of the fact that we assume that every buyer really should have a fair offer at selecting something of top quality, which is why we are SplashPadsUSA. For those that currently have an inspiration for a customized water park design or expect us to create a specialized splash pad or commercially made water park, our expert splash pad designers will deliver a complete rendering for you to look at.

We will assemble Alaska splash pads for virtually any facility because we are experts at development, establishing and installing splash pads.

Email or call SplashPadsUSA, as soon as you can by calling 855-433-7237 to find out more on a remarkable and impressive new splash pad for your entertainment.